Mt. Whitney’s Actual Elevation – 14,505 feet.

Originally when I created my Mt. Whitney images, I did a Google search for the elevation.  The source I found had it listed at 14,497 or 4418 meters.  Apparently it was incorrect. That might have been the original assessment when it was measured in the 1800s.

 Recently a customer emailed me to inform me that the elevation was in fact 14,505 feet.  He and his friends had climbed Whitney and were interested in purchasing a giclée print but only if it included the correct elevation.  No problem, I responded.  The original was created in Adobe Illustrator, thus it was simple to edit the elevation.  From now on both versions of the Mt. Whitney gicleés will reflect the correct elevation of 14,505 feet.  And a big “thank you” to Eric for clearing up the error.