Posters of the Canadian Pacific by Marc H. Choko and David L. Jones.


Recently while browsing through a local used bookstore, I found a poster book that caught my attention.  After flipping through it, I just had to add it to my reference library.  Posters of the Canadian Pacific, by Marc H. Choko and David L. Jones, is a time capsule of graphics from one of the world’s great railways.  The company also operated a cruise line, luxury hotels and an airline.  The Canadian Pacific produced more than 2,500 images to promote the company and entice visitors to Canada.

If you are a fan of vintage travel posters and graphic design, then Posters of the Canadian Pacific is a must have for your library.  You’ll be so inspired that, before you know it, you’ll be booking your next vacation to Canada.

Illustrations for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics

In a few months the 2012 London Olympics will be in full swing. In the years prior to the commencement of an Olympics, a vast number of people are involved in creating the identity and imagery for the event. In 1995, during my first year as a freelance illustrator, I was lucky to participate in the creation of images for the 1996 Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay in the United States. Read more